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In the biosauna, also known as Sanarium, there are lower temperatures prevail than in the classic (Finnish) sauna, as a rule about 45-60 ° C with an air humidity of about 40-55%.

It is considered a circulatory system and is often combined with the addition of essential oils or special lighting (light therapy).

The dwell time is higher than in the normal sauna, about 15-30 minutes; otherwise the procedure is the same.

The 4 colors for physical and mental well-being - light therapy in the biosauna:

  • BLUE: is soothing and relaxing, helps with nervous disorders, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety.

  • GREEN: provides recovery and regeneration, affects bronchial and lung positive, is helpful in nervous disorders, headaches and joint inflammation.

  • YELLOW: increases the positive attitude to life and the general well-being, balances stomach and bowel disorders and can drive away both tribulations and melancholy.

  • RED: is the color of the activity and warmth, stimulates the blood circulation and thus increases well-being and vitality.

Finnish Sauna

Finnish Sauna Fitnessclub Heimlich

Sauna relieves stress, relaxes the muscles, soothes all pain - muscle and joint pain, cleans toxins and improves the cardiovascular performance.

Physically, nothing is more revitalizing than a short, deep and healthy stay in the sauna. There are 2 separate finnish saunas, one for each gender.

You will find a new finnish sauna, relaxation room; without rigid infusion times you can use the sauna whenever you like.


Solarium Fitnessclub Heimlich

There are three turbo solariums with integrated facial tanner and a sun shower.

You can also book the solariums if you are not a club member yet.


Massage Fitnessclub Heimlich

After a massage you feel like newborn. Massage helps to reduce regeneration times, improves problems caused by tension, and is a way to inner balance.

After a massage you feel like newborn. Massage helps to reduce regeneration times, improves problems caused by tension, and is a way to inner balance.

  • Classic massage - whole or partial body massage

  • Sports massage

  • Marnitztherapie therapy - a solution of joint blockages

  • Dorn-Breuss therapy - correction of the spine and stabilization of the discs

  • Foot and hand reflexology massage

  • Shiatsu - Japanese fingerprint therapy

  • Antistress massage

  • Migraine therapy

  • Head and face massage

  • Energy work and mental training

  • APM (acupuncture massage) for all psychosomatic and health problems - energy flow blockages will be solved

  • Lymphatic drainage works against lymphatic congestion and water accumulation, very well in combination with essential oils

You will especially appreciate the combination of workout, sauna, biosauna and massage.

Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance Fitnessclub Heimlich

What is metabolic balance®?

Metabolic balance® is a metabolism program for weight regulation - developed by physicians and nutritionists.

With their help, they are able to convert your previous diet to a healthy, perfectly balanced and individually tailored food profile.

The basis for this is your personal nutrition plan, which is based on your current laboratory data and information on your health.

How does metabolic balance® work?

Your individual nutritional plan will bring your personal "body chemistry" with the "food chemistry" that is appropriate to you into a new, metabolic balance.

You’re not only feeding yourself with all the healthy and necessary nutrients and minerals of normal foods, you are only eating those nutrients that your body needs to regain your metabolism.

Your plan therefore takes up your personal, physical situation and is therefore exclusively related to you and your data.

Why does metabolic balance® work?

Your nutritional plan has the goal of supporting your healthy metabolism and regulating your weight.

In order to enable you to achieve this as smoothly as possible and in a timely manner, you will be accompanied by specially trained and certified supervisors.

How can I participate in the metabolic balance® program?

Simply call us and make an appointment with our Metabolic Balance consultant:

  • Petra Heimlich

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